My name is Diego and I’m a professional musician and visual artist based in the best city in the world, Melbourne/Naarm Australia.

As a musician I’m always striving to develop my sound, evolve my voice, and add positively to the beautiful reverberations of the modern world. I’ve performed countless shows, festivals and tours in Australia as well as internationally. My desire is to always be creating sound that is vibrant, inquisitive and, most of all, highly emotive. This has led me down paths that have seen me perform shows of all sizes, tour at home and abroad, and appear on numerous records, film and theatre productions. I compose my own music as well as produce, collaborate and play for many other artists from varying artistic disciplines in a wide array of genres.

As a visual artist I have been creating and exhibiting pieces since my early teenage years. During my late teens and early twenties I had several pieces that won various regional awards, had my own solo and group exhibitions, and was commissioned to create works for numerous private and corporate clients, before going into a self-imposed 10-year hiatus. Upon returning to visual art in a big way I’ve found that my pursuit of vibrancy and intent to explore different mediums while eliciting highly emotional responses carries over from my work in the music world.